Domeij Gallery

Exhibition text / Press Release

”Orienteering ”

Domeij Gallery proudly presents Sara Möller and her first solo exhibition at the gallery, entitled Orienteering.

Without a map and compass in unfamiliar terrain, you stand and fall with the conviction that being lost is to find one’s way.

Nature itself is embodied in Sara Möller’s latest sculptures featured in this exhibition. Water, moss, trees, roots, organisms, decay, buds and organs are some of the words that emerges when I look at Möller’s art. Like unfathomable beings made of moss-green, glazed ceramics, they turn forcefully – hanging and standing they flow out in different organic forms, with strange protrusions or openings on their bodies.

Earlier, she would incorporate many different materials in her sculptures like feathers, cloth, fur. The meeting between materials is still here in her new works, like the ones with rope and wood that sometimes penetrates or wraps around the ceramics, influenced by nature and native art like the ancient totem with secret magical messages. Möller’s sculptures breathe a certain sensualism, but also a force and an untamed nature.

Her watercolours are also like the sculptures, but two-dimensional. They form puddles in the paper like amoebas under a microscope, or like the body’s network of arteries and internal organs.

/Annika Johansson