Void and Unruly Wills

Gallery Thomassen

Void and Unruly Wills

Sara Möller’s third solo exhibition at Thomassen Gallery explores the concept of emptiness through a monologue, which could be seen as a possible manifesto or metaphor for the chaotic emergence of the artistic process. It takes the viewer on a journey through a dream-like landscape, where disobedient wills rule and unresolved connections are made possible.

This landscape is one of beauty and flaws, of those who rise and shine, and those who fall. Shadows that surround or gently embrace, rivulets of light that boldly thunder forth. It is a place of indeterminate seeking dialogue.

Möller’s creation adorns itself in various costumes, but the essence is found in the contemplation of desire and powerlessness. The results are essentially only by-products, abstract effects, or still images of a dancing play.

The exhibition “Void and Unruly Wills” showcases Möller’s layered glazed ceramic sculptures and smaller watercolor paintings. The paintings, which were the starting point for this exhibition, were created during her stay in Paris in 2022.

Photo: David Eng and Sara Möller

Recension i omkonst

” Ömsinta former fyller rummen på Galleri Thomassen när leran får stå i centrum. Sara Möller arbetar med stengods och porslin som med en matt glasyr skapar ett kroppsligt möte. Ögat inbillar sig en synlig puls och handen en levande värme i mötet med materialet. Skulpturerna står på ställningar och bord med tunna ben av patinerat stål, de hänger i snören eller växer sig upp ur golvet. Draperat tyg följer ibland mjukt intill.”

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